Director of Photography



Guillaume;or,The Chauffeur

Guillaume; or, The Chauffeur (Comedy | Romance | Drama - 22 min, United States, 2016)

Credit: Director of Photography

A French rideshare driver in San Francisco longs to return to France. But after he begins an illicit love affair with one of his passengers, he must confront his fears and secrets if his dreams are to come true. Shot all over San Francisco, Oakland and Berkeley. 

Screenings & Awards: 

Audience Choice Award, 7th Albany Film Festival, CA, 2017

Audience Choice Award, I Hella Love Shorts Film Festival, OAK, 2016.

Outstanding Cinematography Award, Audience Choice Award, 29th Scary Cow Film Festival, SF, 2016. 

Feel the Reel International Film Festival in Glasgow, Scotland, 2016.